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Doing your PhD at Radboud University

A PhD at Radboud University: education and research closely intertwined

At Radboud University, education and research are closely intertwined. Students are taught by teachers who are themselves active in scientific research. The research must meet high quality standards.

The research profile of Radboud University has two main components: an academic and a societal profile. The academic profile covers the academic disciplines in which the university is engaged and the sub-disciplines in which it excels. The societal profile covers the societal themes with which the university is connected through its academic research.

Where can you find all necessary information about a PhD at Radboud University?

Radboud University offers two possibilities for obtaining a doctorate: as a staff member PhD candidate (with an employment contract at this university) or as an external PhD candidate (without an employment contract at this university). On the websites mentioned below, you can find specific information about the possibilities offered in both categories and relevant contact persons: