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Outgoing staff mobility grants (non-EU)

Also for activities outside Europe funding is available:

Staff Mobility Grant portal

Are you looking for a quick overview of available grants for your specific situation and destination, and possible direct application?

> Erasmus+ non-EU

Erasmus+ non-EU grants are predominantly awarded to support specific (research) projects between Radboud University and selected partner institutions. Please contact erasmus@ru.nl for an up-to-date overview and possibilities.

For staff mobility outside Europe Erasmus+ offers 2 possibilities:

Erasmus+ Staff Training

As a PhD candidate you can make use of this funding possibility to follow a training programme outside Europe. The aim of an Erasmus+ Staff Training is to gain knowledge or new insights from colleagues or projects in another institute of higher education. These possibilities include e.g. 1-on-1 job shadowing, attending a Summer or Winter School or participating in an International Staff Training Week.

Erasmus+ Staff Teaching

If you go abroad to teach, you might be eligible for an Erasmus+ Staff Teaching grant if the teaching takes place at an institution with which your relevant faculty has a bilateral Erasmus+ agreement.


For both Erasmus+ grants a stay abroad of at least 5 and maximum 30 days (excluding travel days) is required. Furthermore, for teaching mobility a minimum of 8 teaching hours per week is applicable.

grant amounts

The Erasmus+ grants consist of a lump sum for travel costs and a fixed daily allowance. The exact amounts will be communicated to you when you apply.
The International Office will pay the grant to the indicated cost place number. You declare your costs in the usual manner referring to the same cost place number. Any negative difference between expenses and the attributed grant amount is charged at the expense of the project/faculty.

application deadline and forms

You should submit a Erasmus+ application at the latest 4 weeks before the start of your stay abroad. Send the completed and signed form to erasmus@ru.nl:

application procedure

Click here to check the step-by-step application procedure.


Do you have any questions about the staff mobility grants? Please contact erasmus@ru.nl.

> Radboud Internationalisation grants

In order to further develop and reinforce the international character of our university, the Executive Board has reserved additional funds. These so-called Radboud Internationalisation grants include a.o. a number of international travel grants which intend to encourage, outside Europe:

  • Research visits and other international mobility for PhD candidates (€700 per visit outside Europe)
  • Teaching visits at partner universities (€1,000 per visit)

You can find more information about these international travel grants and the other Radboud Internationalisation grants on Radboudnet.

> Alternative funding

You can find more possibilities for research grants, e.g. Marie Curie and 6th/7th framework, on the Radboudnet site Research, Funding and Grants and Grantfinder.
Also check the funding possibilities of the following programmes: WOTRO Science for Global DevelopmentAsia Development (Europe Aid) programmeScientific Programme Indonesia Netherlands. In case of questions about the last 3 programmes, you can also contact Paula Haarhuis at Education Affairs