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Farewell reception

At the end of each semester Radboud University, in collaboration with Radboud International Students (RIS), organises a Farewell Meeting for all departing international students. We will give you some tips on what you need to do before you go home.  And of course we also want to make sure you know how to stay in touch with us in the future.  Let's celebrate all the new friends you have made from around the world!

We will furthermore announce the winners of a photo competition and award prizes. You can also check the facebook event.

At the end of the session we will organise a meet and greet with Radboud students who are preparing for their exchange abraod, which may even be to  your  town or university. Perhaps you can give them some tips for their exciting adventure!


All international students who will be departing at the end of the semester will receive a personal invitation for this event via email, with a request to register online.

Are you a departing international student?

Then join us on 15 December  16.15 - 18.30

If you are leaving us soon and you have not received an invitation by 8 December, then please mail us @ RIS@io.ru.nl and we will send you the invitation.