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Student Mobility Card

Student Mobility Card, Lease a bike and Train discount Voucher

Public transport and cycling are the most important forms of transport for students in the Netherlands. Unfortunately both are also pretty complex for internationals. Familiarizing yourself with public transport and buying, maintaining a bike can be a handful, especially when you are only in the Netherlands for a semester or one academic year.

To help you with these issues, Student Mobility and Radboud University have teamed up to offer a dedicated mobility package. You can get a public transport card, customised for internationals and a discount voucher for your first train ticket.

The Student mobility card enables you to travel at a reduced price during off peak hours.

A Rental bike


For the bikes there is limited stock available and that the deadline for reserving a bike is 10 August 2023

The Train Voucher enables you to travel to Nijmegen at a reduced price.

Via the Student Mobility platform you can already reserve the products that suit you before you leave for Nijmegen!

How much does it cost?

  • You get a the public transport product (+ an ISIC student-ID) for €15,- onetime fee

  • Please note that it is wise to choose the 3 gear bikes as Nijmegen and surroundings is rather hilly.

    The Student Mobility lease bikes for €20,-/24,40 (3-gears) per month*.

  • Besides these you can also get a first train ticket for reduced prices.

    *Prices are based on normal usage and bike-return upon departure. In case of theft (without original keys) or severe damages additional charges may apply.

How can I collect my products?

The Student Mobility Card

20 August on campus, between 10.00-16.00.The exact location will be announced later. The ISIC card you can activitate on your phone.

Your pre-ordered rental bike

21 August on campus, between 10.00-16.00 The exact location will be announced later.  For participants of the RIS International Orientation: during the in the programme assigned time slots (see app).  You can hand in your rental bike at the end of the semester / year also on campus. More information will be sent to you by Student Mobility.

In case you also ordered a train voucher, this will be emailed within a couple of days after your order.

More information for additional services Student Mobility


This card also gives you discounts on several musea, tickets etc. Check out their student life page.

Of course you can also buy a second hand bike upon arrival.  For information about bikeshops, please check page 13 of the Information guide.

Getting around in Nijmegen / renting or buying a bike:

In Nijmegen you can of course take the bus to go from one place to another. Check the  bus schedule for Nijmegen or plan your journey on 9292.

Bus Discount Pass

Nijmegen offers international students with a low income a Bus discount pass.

The main means of transport however is the bike, there are several options:

Renting a bike:

  • Renting a bike (see the Student Mobility Bike information above) or you can rent one via swapfiets
  • Buying a second hand bike
    Check this list for details.

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