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Picking up your keys

Arrival on Sunday 29 January

On 29 January you will be able to register at Radboud University

TIME: 10.00 – 17.00

LOCATION: Berchmanianum building, Radboud University Campus

ADDRESS: Houtlaan 4.

The SSH& will will be present, so you can pick up your keys.

Estate agent present on 29 January
The SSH& 10.00 - 17.00

As registration may take a while, we strongly advise you to be in Nijmegen before 14.00 hours. After registration you can go to the desk of the real estate company.

After you have fulfilled the registration arrangements, there will be buses available at the Berchmanianum to bring you to your room.

Please note that if you have a room via another estate agent, they will contact you themselves about where and when to pick up the key.

Free shuttle busses at Nijmegen central train station (10.00-16.00)

On Sunday 29 Januay RIS mentors, wearing a red mentor shirt will be at Nijmegen central train station, just behind the gates at the piano, to guide you to free shuttle busses that will bring you to the campus. If you have arranged your room via Radboud University these busses will also bring you from  campus to your student housing or back to the city centre.

Arrival after Sunday 29 January

Please first visit the Central Student Desk at Houtlaan 4 (Radboud University Campus). 
From 30 January - 3 February Student Admissions will welcome first time international students from 10.00-16.00.
After 3 February by appointment only.

Please visit the student desk before 14.30, otherwise you might not have sufficient time to go to the office of the SSH& or estate agent. We will then provide you with directions, so  you can collect your keys.

Arrival outside office hours

It is not possible to register and get your key outside of the office hours or in the weekend. We therefore advise you book a hotel/B&B for the night and register and get your key during regular office hours. Please have a look at this list (pdf, 254 kB)with suggestions.