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Outgoing staff mobility grants (EU)

For staff mobility within Europe there are several financing possibilities:

Important HR information and advice for a work-related stay abroad

Are you, temporarily, going abroad for a work-related stay? Then always check this webpage for additional, important judicial and financial advice.

Staff Mobility Grant portal

Are you looking for a quick overview of grants available for your specific situation and destination, and possible direct application?


The Erasmus+ programma offers funding for training and teaching:

Erasmus+ Staff Training grant

This funding possibility is available if you would like to join a training within Europe to gain knowledge or new insights. These possibilities include participation in a language course or summer school, international staff training week, or for 1-on-1 job shadowing.

Erasmus+ Teaching grant

Will you be teaching abroad? Then you might be eligible for an Erasmus+ Teaching grant if the teaching takes place at an institution with which your relevant faculty has a bilateral Erasmus+ agreement.


For both the Erasmus+ Staff Training and the Teaching grant a minimum stay of 2 and a maximum of 60 days (excluding travel days) applies. For an international teaching period a minimum of 8 teaching hours per week is applicable. This minimum also applies to stays of less than a week.

The teaching grant is furthermore only available for teaching at an institution with which your relevant faculty has a bilateral Erasmus+ agreement.

Grant amount

The Erasmus+ grants include a fixed amount for travel compensation and a daily allowance for expenses. Please note that as of day 15 this allowance for expenses is 70% of the mentioned amount.

Are you travelling to your destination using a sustainable mode of transport? Then you may be eligible for Green Travel Support.

Deadline and application forms

You can submit an Erasmus+ application form at the latest until 2 weeks before the start of the activity. Send the  completed and signed form to erasmus@ru.nl:

Application procedure

Click here to check the step-by-step application procedure.


Do you have any questions about the staff mobility grants? Please contact erasmus@ru.nl.

Radboud Internationalisation grants

These additional Radboud funds have been reserved by the Excutive Board in order to encourage both incoming and outgoing staff mobility and strategic cooperation. If a work related stay in the EU cannot be covered by the Erasmus+ programme this funding might also be an option.

> you can find information about the Radboud Internationalisation grants on Radboudnet

Alternative funding

More possibilities for research grants, e.g. Marie Curie and 6th/7th framework, can be found on Radboudnet site Research, Funding and Grants and Grantfinder.