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Before your departure: getting ready and organised

Start on time

Once you have completed your orientation phase and you have a better idea of what you want, it is time to take concrete steps and actually organise your stay abroad. As a rule, we advise you to start with the necessary preparations approximately one year before your planned departure.

A good start is half the work

There are many steps to realising your internship or stay abroad. You will find a general guideline of these steps on these Going Abroad pages. It goes without saying that these are general instructions. After all, no two stays abroad are the same. Take the time to thoroughly read all the available information. In this way you can avoid having to do extra work later on because you missed some essential steps.

Do not forget to also check the online reports with the personal experiences and tips of other students who already went abroad to the same destination!

Start at your faculty/department: Who should you talk to?

Within your faculty there are faculty coordinators who work for the faculty International Office. They can provide you with more specific information on the concrete options available.

Which grant programmes are available?

Depending on where you want to go (e.g. within Europe or elsewhere) and how long you want to stay, there are a number of grant programmes that you can use. Specific grants are also available for talented students. Click above for information on grant programmes and specific country information. If you want to know more about the international partners of Radboud University, you can have a look at the overview map that you will find on the Orientation phase webpage.

Are you planning to sublet your room?

For more information on subletting your room in Nijmegen and on finding a room abroad, see the link above.

Check the 'Travelling abroad safely' guidelines

The Executive Board of Radboud University is ultimately responsible for the well-being of the students and staff members of our university. They want to prevent students and staff members ending up in unsafe situations abroad. On Radboudnet you will therefore find specific information on the Radboud policy on travelling abroad: check the link above to go to the guidelines on Radboudnet.


When studying in the Netherlands, you must have insurance for medical expenses. The type of healthcare insurance you need depends on your personal situation.
Going abroad on temporary exchange also requires a thorough check of the insurances that then may apply. Destination, period and aim of purpose are leading. Always check and adjust if needed before departure. Check the information (only in Dutch) via the link above.

You can easily check if you’re sufficiently insured for your stay abroad, by using the Aon Student Insurance QuickScan. If applicable, you can choose to enhance your insurance directly. Of course you are completely free to choose another insurance company.

Aon Insurance information desk

You will also find very useful and specific information in this AON Student Insurance presentation. Aon Insurance also has an information desk which is located at Radboudumc: Geert Grooteplein – Zuid 10, route 530, room 7

Public transport (OV) allowance for stay abroad

If you use a student travel card (week or weekend OV card), and you spend part of your Dutch study period abroad, you are entitled to a public transport allowance.

Public transport allowance for stay abroad 
If you go on exchange with a grant programme, you will receive a partly filled in and undersigned application form for a public transport allowance from the central International Office. You can then finalize this form and send it to DUO according to the instructions on the form - Don’t forget to cancel your student discount card before you leave.