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Are you planning to sublet your room?

Subletting your room via Student Life and International Mobility (SLIM)

If you are going abroad for a temporary study/traineeship period, it is financially very attractive to sublet your room. You can also do so via the Housing team of SLIM. SLIM helps to find accommodation for international (exchange) students, staff, PhDs and other guests of Radboud University. Students who rent their room from SSH& can generally also sublet their room via SLIM.

1st semester 2022-23 student room sublet bonus

You might be eligible for a one-off bonus of €350 if your room is available for subrent via SLIM from Saturday 20 August 2022 until Friday 27 January 2023.

Interested, and wondering if you meet all the conditions? Then please click here.

Make sure you apply before the deadline of 1 June 2022.

Should the period your room is available deviate for a maximum of 3 weeks from the abovementioned dates, please send an email to housing@ru.nl. We will then check the possibilities per individual case.

Please note: due to the current uncertainty on if your stay abroad can take place, it is possible to register your room now and cancel the application later on if you are no longer able to sublet your room by sending an email to housing@ru.nl.

How to register your room?

If you want to try to sublet your room via SLIM, you can do so by clicking on the link below for the online registration.

Click here for the online registration for subletting your room

Once your room has been registered, our housing department will contact you as soon as they have found a possible renter for your room. 
In case of questions you can contact us: 
E-mail: housing@ru.nl 
Tel. 31-(0)24-3623456

Subletting your room when there is no extra demand

We can unfortunately never guarantee that we will find someone to sublet your room as our mediation possibilities depend directly on the demand and the match with what we have on offer. There is a much larger demand for rooms in the first semester (as of August/September). Therefore always make sure that you offer your room for subrental through a number of different channels in order to maximise your chances of success.

Finding housing abroad

If you go abroad as a Nijmegen exchange student, you are in principle responsible for finding housing yourself. Some foreign universities do offer help in finding housing. Make sure you find out in timely fashion what the options are at your host university, possibly via your faculty coordinator. Every host university also has its own rules and procedures, so make sure that you know what they are.