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Erasmus+ grant

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What is the Erasmus+ programme?

The Erasmus+ programme makes it possible to follow part of your study programme at a partner university (mainly) within the European Union, or to do an traineeship at a foreign institution. The Erasmus+ programme includes all EU-Member States, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, North-Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, and the UK.

Do you want to go on exchange to the UK? Then read this page carefully first.

Switzerland has created an alternative structure: they offer grants in the context of the 'Swiss-European Mobility Programme'.

Please note: your faculty takes care of selection and placement. A limited number of places is available and certain deadlines apply.

Erasmus+ in short

Study exchange

  • one semester up to one academic year (min. 2 months)
  • only at partner universities
  • contact your faculty International Office for additional information


You can choose to go abroad for a maximum of 1 year in any phase of your studies. This means that you can study and/or do a traineeship abroad during both your Bachelor’s programme and your Master’s programme, for up to 12 months per study phase.

The same applies to the PhD phase: in this phase too, you can study and/or do a traineeship abroad for a maximum of 12 months.

What is an Erasmus+ grant?

As an Erasmus+ student you receive an allowance to cover the additional travel and living expenses of your stay abroad: the Erasmus+ grant. The amount of this grant is determined on an annual basis by Nuffic. It is related to the number of days you spend abroad for your studies or internship. The amount is linked to your country of destination.

Please note: the actual grant is calculated on the number of days that you spend abroad. Basic principle for determination of the exact length of your stay abroad with regard to your study or internship, is the period between the first day until the last day that you are actually obliged to be present at your host university or traineeship. This calculation is furthermore based on the assumption that all months have 30 days.

The grant amounts are a.o. others linked to your country of destination. There is also a difference in grant amounts for study purposes and for traineeships. In this document you will find necessary information about destinations and grant amounts. (docx, 16 kB)

Do I qualify for an Erasmus+ grant?

For the General Conditions for Participation, please have a look at the PDF you see here. The actual selection procedure for a stay abroad with Erasmus+ takes place within your faculty. Some faculties set specific deadlines in this context. We therefore advise you to consult the internationalisation officer of your faculty in timely fashion.

Erasmus+ Top-Up for study exchange in Europe

As of the academic year 2021/22 for certain students who need some extra financial support for a study exchange due to specific circumstances it is possible to apply for the Erasmus+ Top-Up. This supplementary grant is available for both a study and an internship exchange within Europe.  You can find more information about the Erasmus+ Top-Up here.

Applying for an Erasmus+ grant: step-by-step plan


  • Register for the Erasmus+ grant online via your faculty coordinator
    >  minimum half a year in advance; check with your faculty for deadlines
    Before you can apply for an Erasmus+ grant for your study abroad period or traineeship, you must first contact your faculty's International Office. Your faculty coordinator is responsible for selecting students for a stay abroad. Please note: in case you go abroad for a traineeship as a student of the Faculty of Medical Sciences there is no selection. You apply for a study exchange period or traineeship abroad through your OSIRIS-account ('study abroad')

  • Online application 
    > shortly after your faculty has selected you (mid/end April)
    If you have been selected by your faculty, you will automatically receive a request from us by e-mail to complete your Erasmus+ online application.

  • Receive confirmation of preliminary registration with attachments and instructions
    > After completing and sending all of the necessary information online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with information regarding the submission of the Grant Agreement (GA) and Learning Agreement (LA).
    This e-mail will also contain further instructions for your Erasmus+ grant application.

  • Complete preliminary registration
    > at least 14 days before your planned departure
    Follow the instructions in the e-mail and submit your signed Grant Agreement and Learning Agreement. 

  • Arrange your public transport allowance abroad
    We will send you a partially completed public transport allowance form for your stay abroad. You must complete this form and send it to DUO.
  • Receive Erasmus+ allocation letter
    You will receive an Erasmus+ grant allocation letter by e-mail. This letter confirms the provisional grant allowance you will receive.


  • Receive e-mail with instructions for finalising your Erasmus+ application
    > approximately one month before your scheduled return date
    You will receive an e-mail with instructions on finalising your Erasmus+ grant application. This e-mail will explain which forms you still need to sign

  • Have your Statements Form/Traineeship Certificate filled out and signed
    > In the last month before the planned date of your return 

    Before your departure you need to have one of these forms (depending on your grant) filled out and signed by your host institution. Make sure you read the applicable instructions that you received in the e-mail for finalising your Erasmus+ application (see above).

  • Submit changes in Learning Agreement 'During Mobility' form
    You must complete and submit a change form if you decide to change courses while abroad, if you wish to extend your stay by three weeks or more, or if the circumstances of your traineeship change.


  • Submit a signed Statements Form/Traineeship Certificate student report and Transcript of Records
    When you return to the Netherlands, there are several things you must do to finalise your Erasmus+ grant. Submit a signed Statements Form (for study) or the Traineeship Certificate (for traineeship) within two weeks after you return. Be sure to complete the online student report, following the instructions sent to you by e-mail. Submit your official Transcript of Records as soon as you receive it from your host university.

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