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Erasmus+ Top-Up for study exchange and traineeship in Europe

At Radboud University we believe that an international exchange should be accessible to every student. Therefore, in the academic year 2022/23 we offer the Erasmus+ Top-Up to students who need some extra financial support for a study exchange or traineeship due to specific circumstances. There’s also an additional Erasmus+ Green Travel Top-Up.

The Erasmus+ Top-Ups are supplementary grants which will be added to the regular Erasmus+ grant. The Inclusion Top-Up is €250 per month, or €8,33 per day. The Green Travel Top-Up is a one-time bonus of €50 and maximum 4 additional grant days. Top-Ups are only available for study exchanges or traineeships within Europe.

Exception United Kingdom

Students going to the United Kingdom:

  • can only apply for the Inclusion Top-Up, not the Green Travel Top-Up
  • are eligible for the Inclusion Top-Up when they are studying in the UK, unfortunately not when doing an internship
  • Will receive €6,00 per day as the top-up

Which students are eligible for the Erasmus+ Inclusion Top-Up?

The following students can apply for the Erasmus+ Top-Up grant:

  • students with a physical or mental disability;
  • students from families with a lower basic income.

Which criteria apply?

In order to assess your application, we have drawn up specific criteria. When you apply for the Top-Up, you will have to prove that you meet these criteria. This assessment process will take place in a meticulous and confidential manner. You will find the criteria below:

You have a physical disability

  • You have been diagnosed with a physical or mental disability that forms a barrier to your studies or international mobility;
  • You can prove your diagnosis by submitting a copy of your medical record, or a statement from your doctor. The statement does not need to specify which disability applies; just the confirmation of a disability being present and that it has impact on studies or international mobility.

Your family has a lower income

  • You have a supplementary grant from DUO .

Which students are eligible for the Erasmus+ Green Travel Top-Up?

We believe that students who travel to their destination using a sustainable mode of transportation (with low CO2 emissions) deserve a bonus grant. You will receive a one-time payment of €50 and maximum 4 extra grant days to compensate the extra travel time.

Which criteria apply?

Examples of sustainable transportation methods are for instance: cycling, carpooling, the bus or the train. We ask that you use green travel methods for the majority of both the outward journey and the return trip.

To receive the Top-Up, we ask you to take the following steps:

  • (In case this applies) save all tickets/proof of travel and submit them to us (digitally);
  • After your return, fill out and sign a form (Declaration Green Travel Top-Upin which you describe how and when you travelled.

Procedure and confidentiality

If you meet the requirements and you would like to be considered for the Erasmus+ Top-Up, you can indicate this on the grant application form. We will send you the application form after you have been selected and nominated at your host university for a study exchange. You can apply for an internship exchange during the entire year.

We will then need to check if you are indeed eligible for the Top-Up. This check will take place in a meticulous and confidential manner, respecting your privacy.