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Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship is made available by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in cooperation with 48 Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. The programme aims at students who want to study outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA consists of the EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Grant amount and grant application

The Holland Scholarship consists of fixed amount of €1,250 as a contribution towards the extra costs you need to make for your study period abroad. Have you been selected for one of the Radboud University-wide partners for academic year 2023/2024? You will automatically receive an email with invitation to fill out the online grant application approximately in April 2023.

After submitting the online grant application, you need to submit a number of documents (filled out and signed), among which your Learning Agreement (see document below) and in case of any changes to your Learning Agreement later on, you also need to submit a Change Form.

Learning Agreement (docx, 28 kB)(2023/2024)

Change Form (docx, 141 kB) (2023/2024)

Are you eligible?

  • You are enrolled as a fulltime Bachelor's or Master's student at Radboud University
  • You are going abroad on study exchange for a minimum period of 7 weeks and you will take courses at your host institution for a minimum of (the equivalent of) 10 ECTS. This means though that at most of the universities mentioned below you will need to follow courses during a full semester. Furthermore, your faculty/study programme may require that you obtain a more extensive number of ECTS during that semester.
  • During your current study cycle, you have not yet received a Holland Scholarship or an Individual Travel Grant for studies, (medical) internship, or research.
  • You have been selected for an exchange to one of our Radboud University-wide partners (see below).
  • You have submitted your online grant application as well as submitted your (completely filled out and signed) Learning Agreement and Grant Agreement to studentexchange@ru.nl at least 2 weeks before the start of your exchange.

Radboud University-wide exchange partners

In addition to the study exchange contracts of your faculty, there are also a number of Radboud University-wide exchange partners available outside of the EU. You will receive an invitation to apply for the Holland Scholarship in case you have been selected for an exchange to one of the following Radboud University-wide exchange partners (click on the link for the most recent data sheet or exchange website):

Additional conditions

Please note: if you are going on exchange for a semester to an exchange partner that is not a Radboud University-wide partner outside the EEA, but a faculty exchange partner, then you are not eligible for the Holland Scholarship but instead you will receive an invitation to apply for the Individual Travel Grant. Unfortunately you cannot combine a Holland Scholarship with an Individual Travel grant. For further questions about this, please contact studentexchange@ru.nl. In case an Erasmus+ non-EU grant is available for your specific destination, the Erasmus+ grant will be given priority over the Holland Scholarship. If that is the case, you will be contacted about this.

Deadline to apply for the Radboud University-wide exchange partners

If you are interested in going on exchange to one of these Radboud University-wide exchange partners in the first or second semester of the academic year 2023/24, then please apply for a study abroad period in Osiris on or before 31 January 2023 at the latest, or, if applicable, follow the possible earlier faculty application deadline.

If you missed the deadline in January, but in case you still wish to apply for a study exchange to one of the abovementioned partner universities in the 2nd semester of 2023/2024, please contact your faculty’s International Office for more information regarding the remaining availability and submit your application in Osiris before 15 August 2023.

In case you have been selected in Osiris for an exchange to one of the abovementioned partners, you will automatically receive information about the application procedure for a Holland Scholarship in approximately April 2023.

Further information and contact

Questions about one of the universities mentioned above, the documents that need to be submitted for the Holland Scholarship grant, or the payment of the Holland Scholarship grant, please contact studentexchange@ru.nl.

In case you are returning home from your stay abroad prematurely due to exceptional circumstances out of your control, please send us an email (studentexchange@ru.nl).

In case you have any further questions about applying for an exchange in academic year 2023/2024, or which other universities might be available to you, please contact your faculty's International Office.

Holland Scholarship