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Orientation phase: choices and decisions

How to make the right choice?

Before you can start organising your trip, you first have to ask yourself a few questions. For example: what is the best time for you to go in terms of your study programme? For how long are you able and willing to go? And of course: where to? You will find suggestions below that might be helpful to you in this orientation phase.

International destinations

We have made a graphic overview that shows Radboud University's international partners. It can help you orientate. Please select your faculty for specific possibilities. Your faculty coordinator can give you additional information (see below for 'Information via your faculty coordinator').

Click here for an overview of our international partner network and possible destinations.

If a partner university is asking for an average GPA-score (4.0 scale) and you wish to know how these scores are converted to Radboud University average grades, please check the GPA Grade Conversion Table here (pdf, 75 kB).

Inspiration from other students who went abroad

The online reports based on the experiences from other students who went abroad may also be very inspirational. Their personal information about universities, countries, culture, night life and general tips about life and study in another city can be useful for your own period abroad.

You will find these reports by clicking on the link above.

Grant information

It may also be useful to find out about the possibilities for specific grants, especially once you have a better idea of where you would like to go. For instance Erasmus+ grants within Europe, or a Holland Scholarship outside Europe.
Maybe, due to specific personal circumstances, you may be eligible for an additional Erasmus+ grant for study exchange within Europe. You can find more information about this so-called Erasmus+ Top-Up on our Erasmus+ grant pages.

Summer schools

If you are not sure that you want to go away for months on end, another alternative is a shorter stay abroad, e.g. in the form of a summer school. Radboud University also has its own Summer School!

Radboud Go Abroad week: information about short-term stays abroad

Every year, Student Life and International Mobility collaborates with a number of faculties in organising information days about short-term study periods and internships abroad. You can see the Radboud Go Abroad week information by clicking on the link above.

Radboud Max Planck Internships

A collaboration between Radboud University and Max Planck Gesellschaft,  creates unique internship possibilities at European Max Planck Institutes. These internships for students of a number of specific Radboud Master's programmes include special funding. Read more on the website www.ru.nl/radboudmaxplanckinternships

Information via your faculty coordinator

Would you prefer to study or do an internship in Europe or further away? If you find it difficult to make this decision on your own, you can ask for advice from your faculty coordinator, the Erasmus+ contact person of your department, your internship coordinator and/or your study advisor. They can tell about the international contacts and contracts available within the faculty for studying or doing an internship abroad. Once you have this information, you will be able to make more focused choices and take concrete steps.

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Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad (NWIB)

The so-called Dutch Institutes Abroad may also be a point-of-entry for a study-related stay abroad. More information is available on the 'NWIB' website.