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Summer/Winter Schools

Wide range of summer/winter schools on offer: Pay attention to quality, costs and content

The summer and winter periods might be a good time to follow one or more courses abroad, usually lasting from 2 to 4 weeks. This is also a great way of becoming immersed in a foreign language. There are many courses to choose from, in particular in the summer.

Some courses are offered by regular educational institutions, while others are offered by commercial (or semi-commercial) institutions. The various providers do not, however, always guarantee the quality of education.

Search portals

You should therefore make sure that you have a clear idea beforehand of the costs, content and quality of the course programme. Gather information from the available resources (online or elsewhere) and the written experiences of other students, or by consulting your own faculty/department. For summer schools in Europe, you might also try the search engine of Summer Schools in Europe. You can also check out: https://www.shortcoursesportal.com/

Radboud Summer School

Radboud University also has its own, renowned international summer school. A very suitable option for an international experience at home! Information: www.ru.nl/radboudsummerschool.

Radboud Summer/Winter school arrangements for students from all faculties

Some of Radboud University's exchange partners offer tuition fee waived spots for their Summer Schools. These arrangements are available for all faculties. If we receive any offers, they can be found below.

Short Stay Grant

If you are planning to go abroad for a Summer/Winter School, you may be eligible for the Short Stay Grant which is offered at 4 faculties: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Nijmegen School of Management, and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies.

You can find more information on our Short Stay Grant webpage.