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Radboud Go Abroad week

Radboud Go Abroad week 3-6 October: information and inspiration week about a study period or internship abroad

Nijmegen is a great place to study and live! But why not also spend part of your current Radboud study programme abroad?  As you maybe already have experienced, an international study related stay can truly be a valuable addition to your student life. Not only on a personal or academic level, but also as a head start to your future career. So why not test your spirit of adventure once more by attending lectures in Australia, making new friends in Norway, or going on an internship in Berlin?

Want to know more about how to go about that? Where to go and whom to see for more information? Are you interested in which grants are available, and how and when to apply in that case? Then make sure you join Radboud Go Abroad week from 3-6 October.

> Radboud Go Abroad staff site
> Radboud Go Abroad NL vlag  student site


Career perspective

An exchange period, or international experience in general, is not only a great adventure, a boost for your personal development, but also a plus on your cv.


Expert by experience, you already know what studying abroad is all about. Still in need of some extra inspiration though? Check the Radboud stories below (subtitles available).

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