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Workshop Writing with or without ChatGPT?

Workshop Writing with or without ChatGPT?

The rise of ChatGPT has sparked concern in academia that AI will soon take over the writing process. However, we believe that human creativity and critical thinking will always play an essential role in academic writing. In this workshop, we will explore how AI can complement and enhance your writing skills while ensuring that you remain in charge of your own text.

The workshop will cover the latest AI tools and techniques for academic writing, including ChatGPT, and demonstrate how to effectively collaborate with AI to improve your writing productivity and quality. Whether you are a student, researcher, or teacher, this workshop will help you stay ahead of the curve and embrace the possibilities of AI in your future writing practice.


Practical information


  • Target audience: Students and staff of Radboud University, anyone who writes academic texts in English.
  • Fee: this workshop is free of charge
  • Language: the workshop will be held in English
  • Attendees: min. 10 - max. 30
  • Date: 15 May
  • Time: 14.00 - 15.00 hrs
  • Location: will be announced

Workshop leaders:  Myrte van Hilten and Griet CoupéMyrte van Hilten en Griet Coupé

'This workshop was developed in response to the increasing use of AI in academic writing and concerns about its impact on the writing process. By exploring how AI can complement and enhance writing skills, we aim to alleviate these concerns and empower students and staff to use AI effectively to improve their writing productivity and quality.'

Myrte van Hilten