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About Radboud in'to Languages

Expertise centre for language and communication

Our name: Radboud in'to Languages

The name Radboud in'to Languages underscores our connection to Radboud University Nijmegen and the Faculty of Arts. We chose an English name because this goes well with the increasing internationalisation of society and the cultural diversity of our clients and course participants.

The word in'to links Radboud to Languages, and as our middle name (so to speak) symbolises detail, expertise, commitment and result focus. More and more, our clients find themselves being part of an international community, where language skills alone are not enough. It is also about high-level exchange of ideas, effortless networking or presenting, being open to each other's views and fighting it out in fierce debates.

The apostrophe between IN and TO does not only serve as a graphic gimmick, but also has a deeper meaning: a fluent movement from need to result and from questions to knowledge.

Our mission

Radboud in'to Languages is the expertise centre for language and communication in the Nijmegen region and beyond. Our approach can best be described as personal, effective, academic and professional. And of course, all our services are tailored to your goals and needs; our ambitions and the ambitions of your organisation are central to everything we do. As we are rooted in and part of the university, we are able to apply the latest academic and didactic insights directly to our courses. We work with academically trained teachers and contribute actively to policy development and innovation, for instance by developing teaching materials and language tests.

Our core values

  • Effective
  • Academic
  • Innovative
  • Personal
  • Involved
  • Professional

Our organisation structure

Our organisation consists of three commercially focused departments, a support team and the Nijmegen Centre for Academic Writing (ASN), a department subsidised by the Executive Board. The three commercial departments are: Foreign Languages, Dutch as a Second Language and Communication and Text Services. The support team is made up of PR and marketing officers, a policy officer and a number of front and back office employees. Each of the three departments is headed by a manager, who answers to the director. The support team is headed by an office manager, who falls under direct supervision of the director as well.

The ASN is also part of the Radboud in'to Languages organisation. This department is headed by the ASN coordinator, who is supervised by the manager of the Communication and Text Services Department.

Our vision on language and communication courses

  • Focus on the student; we strive to tailor all our courses to the specific needs of the participants.
  • Target language is classroom language; the language that the participants wish to learn (the target language) is the language used in class.
  • Language is a means of communication; learning pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar enriches our communication skills, but is not a goal in itself.
  • Language training should be functional; the acquisition of language or communication skills is linked to everyday situations, which unfold within a social, professional or educational context.
  • Immediate impact; all our courses aim for the direct applicability of the acquired knowledge and skills.