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Our organisation

About In'to

Communication is the key to individual success and succesfull collaboration

Strong communication skills can bring worlds together. This is why Radboud in’to Languages helps you to develop a rich communicative register in any language. We believe that language and communication are crucial in achieving personal or professional goals. It is the guiding principle for everything we do.

Our expertise is rooted in academics and tested in practice. We are here for highly-educated people both inside and outside of the university. We combine academic knowledge, insight, and practical skills in language and communication so you can push your personal and professional boundaries. Inspiring, at the right level, and enjoyable. You will find that it is at the heart of everything we do: our training programmes, courses, coaching tracks and programmes, and in the recommendations that we write, our language tests, and translations.

We are

In'to! Your partner for all requests related to language and communication.

In'to consists of Radboud in'to Languages and Wageningen in'to Languages.

We help

professionals, academics, students, educational institutions, municipalities, hospitals and businesses to improve their communication skills.

We provide

  • language and communication courses
  • translation and editing services
  • training programmes for teachers
  • coaching and advice in the field of language, communication and testing

We stand out because of

  • Our affiliations with Radboud University and Wageningen University & Research
  • Our highly educated experts
  • Our always practical and targeted courses based on scientific insights.

Meet our people

We believe that

  • language, communication and culture are closely intertwined;
  • the best way to learn is on the basis of clear needs, in a context that is relevant to you, and in a way that suits you best;
  • learning takes place by trial and error, but within a pleasant and safe learning environment;
  • you learn by working on your own as well as collaborating with others, because you also learn from each other;
  • the use of technology enriches education and that it leads to the best of both worlds: a teacher who motivates and enthuses you, and the opportunity to learn in your own environment and at your own pace;
  • the amount of language contact and interaction positively influence language acquisition. We therefore as much as possible use the target language as the language of instruction in our courses.

We guarantee

high quality courses, in which your personal goals, questions and ambitions form the starting point.

Our vision

We want to reinforce our leading position as a centre of expertise that offers solutions at the interface of language, communication and culture.

Our mission

In'to Languages opens up new worlds for ambitious professionals and future professionals operating in an international context. By letting them excel in language and communication, both within and across cultures, we help them achieve their linguistic and communicative goals.

In'to in statistics

Core Values In'to

Socially involved projects and sustainable business practices

are very important to us. That is why we engage in various projects that make the world a little better. For example:

  • Translation work for AYA;
  • Free language courses for human rights defenders at Shelter City.
  • Bringing refugees and volunteers closer together via Radboud University's buddy project and Radboud University's working group for refugees.

We conduct business as sustainably as possible by, for instance, reducing paper consumption, holding meetings between different locations online and reusing or repurposing office furniture and supplies.

Our history

In 1992, we started as a small-scale university language centre (UTN) organising courses in a couple of languages. By now we have grown into a full-scale dynamic organisation offering a wide range of services at multiple offices.

We changed our name to Radboud in'to Languages, which demonstrates our close affiliation with Radboud University. Since 2011, we have worked in close collaboration with the language centre at Wageningen University & Research: Wageningen in'to Languages. Both centres have their own focus areas and target groups and are together one. That is why we often use the name In'to or In'to Languages.

Memberships and labels

  • member of the association of Dutch and Flemish university language centres (NUT)
    NUT kwaliteit
  • part of the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (Cercles)
  • is awarded with the Keurmerk Inburgeren (‘Integration Seal of Approval') by the (Blik op werk)
    Blik op Werk
  • participates in Kwaliteitsgroep Taal en Educatie
    Kwaliteitsgroep educatie en taal