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Working together in international teams

What is the secret of successful teams and how does cooperation work in international settings? How do you stimulate teamwork and empower international teams?

These are important questions for internationally operating organisations and businesses. Effective cooperation is essential for reaching goals and generating results, and those are only some of the positive effects of cooperation. Real teamwork increases job satisfaction and makes employees feel successful. It also increases your employees' commitment to the organisation and to each other. That final aspect of interpersonal connection is an essential factor of success, especially when you work from a distance, in different time zones, and across national and cultural borders.

Working together in international teams

What is the target group of the Working together in international teams course?

Professionals who work in departments with people from different cultural backgrounds.

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Since cooperating in an international context requires more than just speaking the same language, this training will focus on the different dimensions of culture. This will give the participants insight into intercultural aspects of communication and cooperation. With the help of different themes, the participants will be able to apply what they learn in different exercises to their own experience at work. Topics that could be addressed are: How do you have a discussion in an international team? When is an agreement "really" an agreement? How informally should you communicate with your supervisor? How personal is the contact with your colleagues? How do you give and receive feedback?

This training will make participants aware of their own perceptions and actions, as well as their impact on others. After the training, participants will have a better sense of how interaction works, what makes teamwork run smoothly and what can lead to misunderstandings, irritation or uncertainty. The training will be enlightening and can be a real eye-opener. It will motivate participants to cooperate and interact with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, in person and online.

To complete the training, participants will make a 'wall of inspiration' to exchange tips, best practices and ways to improve.

The Working together in international teams course is tailor-made to fit the needs of your company, department or team.

What will you gain from this course?

The training "Working together in international teams" offers teams and employees an intercultural experience they will not soon forget. The training will introduce participants to the written and unwritten rules of different cultures in an interactive, playful and intensive manner. This will create awareness and insight into the most effective and enjoyable ways to cooperate from different cultural perspectives. Of course, this will also include practical and useful tips that will immediately benefit the participants in their daily work.