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How do you ensure a safe and inclusive learning climate as an educational institution?

Education becomes increasingly internationalised. This means that you as a teacher will often face the cultural diversity during your classes. How can you ensure a safe and pleasant learning climate for your students? There are of course not only teachers at work within an educational institution. Researchers, supervisors and other employees will also regularly collaborate with other nationalities and cultures. Whichever role you play within education, intercultural competencies become increasingly important.

Intercultural courses for the education sector

Interested in what we can mean for your educational institution?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. During an interview we will map the wishes and needs of your company. We always look for the question behind the question. This helps us to work toward tailor-made solutions that really work. It allows us to adapt the programme to fit everyone’s needs.

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  • Courses, workshops, masterclasses and expert advice
  • Coaching for individuals and teams
  • In-company, at our office or in the Virtual Classroom

What’s the yield?

  • Inclusive and safe learning environment.
  • Effective communication.
  • Feelings of success and wellbeing at work/ school.
  • Higher graduation ratio.