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Teaching in an intercultural classroomin een interculturele klas

Teaching in an intercultural classroom

Do you recognise this?

An international student is shocked when they receive an insufficient for the aspect 'participation during lectures'. They says: "I made notes and never bothered the teacher." What falls under active participation during lectures in your opinion?

What would you do if you were Mark?

Lecturer Mark is an invigilator at an exam. He is shocked to see some of the international students exchange their answers with each other.

Teaching in an intercultural classroom

What is the target group of the Teaching in an intercultural classroom course?

For teachers or lecturers who teach classes or lectures to students from different cultures.

What do you learn during a Teaching in an intercultural classroom course?

You learn to recognise cultural differences and receive tools of how to handle different situations stemming from cultural diversity.

In Teaching in an intercultural classroom we cover difficult situations in the field of cultural diversity of the classroom or in the lecture hall. When do you risk miscommunication or unexpected misunderstandings, and how can you react to this? We look at questions such as: What is plagiarism exactly? How strict are deadlines? How can we provide feedback in the best way as possible?

Above quandaries are examples from the daily practice of teachers teaching in an international context. In Teaching in an intercultural classroom you develop an awareness on the impact of cultural diversity in the international learning environment. We cover the dimensions of culture using different theoretical models. You translate these to your own educational practice. Together with other teachers you exchange experiences and discuss difficult situations. You will then work together to formulate solutions and tips that can be applied in practice.

Wat levert deze training op?

  • Effectieve communicatie.
  • Inclusieve en veilige leeromgeving.
  • Onderling begrip en verbinding.
  • Gevoel van succes en werk/studiegeluk.

More information

  • You can take this course individually or in a team.
  • You can take it in-company, at our office or in the Virtual Classroom

Would you like more information or are you interested in this Teaching in an intercultural classroom course? Please don’t hesitate to contact the tailor-made department.