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How do you as municipal council contribute to an inclusive society?

The Netherlands knows increasing diversity and an increasingly multicultural society. Employees at a municipal council have a special position for they do not only work for and at the municipal council, they often also live in the municipality they work for. This causes them to be well aware of what is going on in their district or neighbourhood and know better than anyone else what residents need. Municipal councils are responsible for everyone feeling at home and finding their way to work, housing, education and citizenship. Intercultural communication skills are a must for this.

How do you as municipal council contribute to an inclusive society?

Interested in what we can do for your municipal council?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. During an interview we will map the wishes and needs of your company. We always look for the question behind the question. This helps us to work toward tailor-made solutions that really work. It allows us to adapt the programme to fit everyone’s needs.

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  • Courses, workshops, masterclasses and expert advice
  • Coaching for individuals and teams
  • In-company, at our office or in the Virtual Classroom

What’s the yield?

  • Underlying feelings of understanding and connection.
  • Integration and inclusivity within the municipal council.
  • More effective communication (preventing miscommunication and disappointments).
  • Increased wellbeing at work, increased employee satisfaction and a safe work environment.