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Working together in intercultural teams

Working together in intercultural teams

Just like our society, departments and teams within local governments are becoming increasingly diverse. Municipal councils are expected to effectively work together with other disciplines, for example from the perspective of chain cooperation. This goes for municipal officials within the council house, but also for collaboration with external chain partners. Intercultural and interdisciplinary teamwork requires knowledge of various cultural aspects.

Working together in intercultural teams

The training "Working together in intercultural teams" offers teams and employees an intercultural experience they will not soon forget. The training will introduce participants to the written and unwritten rules of different cultures and corporate cultures in an interactive, playful and intensive manner. This will create awareness and insight into the most effective and enjoyable ways to cooperate from different cultural perspectives. Of course, this will also include practical and useful tips that will immediately benefit the participants in their daily work.

Since people within a culture differ just as much from each other, we do not provide you with a guide per culture during the course. Instead, this training will focus on different layers and dimensions of culture. This will make participants aware of situations in which culture can influence cooperation. This will make participants aware of their own perceptions and actions, as well as their impact on others. After the training, participants will have a better sense of how interaction works, what makes teamwork run smoothly and what can lead to misunderstandings, irritation or uncertainty. The training will be enlightening and can be a real eye-opener. It will motivate participants to cooperate and interact with colleagues from different cultural or professional backgrounds, in person and online.

With the help of different themes, the participants will be able to apply what they learn in different exercises to their own experience within their team. They will write down what they have learned in the form of best practices, tips and points of improvement.

The training "Working together in intercultural teams" will be tailor-made for your company, department or team.

More information

  • You can take this course individually or in a team.
  • Possible both in-company or at our office.

Would you like more information or are you interested in this Working together in international teams course? Please don’t hesitate to contact the tailor-made department.