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Collaboration and diversity in healthcare teams

Collaboration and diversity in healthcare teams

Do you as a healthcare professional often work together in an interdisciplinary and/ or intercultural setting? Is the answer yes? Then the Collaboration and diversity in healthcare teams course really is something for you.

It is important to consciously pay attention to the way in which you collaborate in an interdisciplinary and/ or intercultural setting. Successful and effective teamwork across (occupational) boundaries does not come about by itself. In this course we provide you as healthcare professionals with tips and tools, which you can use directly in your own professional practice.

Collaboration and diversity in healthcare teams

What is the target group of the Collaboration and diversity in healthcare teams course?

For everyone within the healthcare sector who works in interdisciplinary and/ or intercultural teams.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

The contemporary healthcare professional is much more than just a healthcare provider. We expect much from healthcare providers these days. The first requirement is of course that they have the necessary medical expertise and gain their BIG-points every year. But we also expect much of their communication skills, not to mention that they should be able to collaborate perfectly as well.

Interdisciplinary collaboration within healthcare is becoming increasingly important and a good collaboration between healthcare professionals is of vital importance. For instance the coordination within the healthcare process and the transfer of information when relieving shifts. But also for example the collaboration between the general practice and the pharmacy. The Pharmacotherapy Consultation is for instance of particular importance for the medication safety of the patient. The Multidisciplinary Consultation within healthcare institutions is also becoming increasingly important in order to mutually coordinate the care for individual patient and thus guarantee patient safety. In addition to this, the diversity within healthcare teams increases and thus become more intercultural.
Working in interdisciplinary and/ or intercultural teams means collaborating with people from different cultural (occupational) backgrounds. This offers advantages, because these diverse teams can be more creative, productive and innovative. The daily practice at work, however, is often less predictable. We are all raised with ideas of how to behave and how not to behave. Different fields and healthcare disciplines all have unwritten rules, which are often deeply rooted in pre-set values and ideas about life and work. We often are not even aware of them. When we view our own values as set in stone and when we are not open to alternative perspectives, this can lead to many problems. We - sometimes literally - won’t be able to understand each other anymore and misunderstanding and confusion may ensue. This, in turn, may lead to tensions and even to making mistakes or care-avoiding behaviour, negative effects on patient safety, reduced therapeutic compliance, lowered trust in healthcare and increased healthcare costs.

What will you gain from this course?

  • Effective communication.
  • Effective collaboration within intercultural teams.
  • Effective multidisciplinary teamwork.
  • Feelings of success and wellbeing at work.

More information

  • You can take this course individually or in a team.
  • Possible both in-company or at our office.

Would you like more information or are you interested in this Intercultural awareness within healthcare course? Please don’t hesitate to contact the tailor-made department.