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Intercultural communication within healthcare

Intercultural communication within healthcare

Do you regularly encounter cultural differences? Do you recognize situations in which the practitioner and patient don't always understand each other? Is the answer to one or both of the questions yes? Then a course Intercultural communication within healthcare really is something for you.

Language barriers and low literacy, differences in social background and cultural diversity can result in miscommunication when providing healthcare, which can have devastating consequences. The knowledge of the patient about healthcare provision in relation to the conversation skills of the healthcare provider can also cause misunderstandings.

Intercultural communication within healthcare

What is the target group of the Intercultural communication within healthcare course?

For every healthcare worker who regularly communicates with colleagues or patients with a different cultural background.

What do you learn during this course?

Miscommunication might lead to lower effectiveness of care and might cause consultations or treatments to be less effective. As a healthcare provider you want to provide appropriate healthcare for everyone. The "Intercultural communication within healthcare" course provides you with tools to have effective and pleasant patient conversations in an intercultural context. A culture-sensitive attitude and proper intercultural communication will help you build a better relationship with your patient and will increase patient satisfaction regarding the care provided by you. Patient outcomes will also improve. For example, increasing patient safety, therapeutic compliance and reducing healthcare costs.

What will you gain from this course?

  • Effective communication with patients.
  • A more effective collaboration and sense of team spirit.
  • Feelings of success and wellbeing at work.

More information

  • You can take this course individually or in a team.
  • You can take it in-company, at our office or in the Virtual Classroom

Would you like more information or are you interested in this Intercultural communication within healthcare course? Please don’t hesitate to contact the tailor-made department.