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Feel at home in the Netherlands

Feel at home in the Netherlands

Making the transition to another job in a new working environment with an unfamiliar corporate culture is always exciting. It is even more challenging when moving to another country, with a foreign culture and work ethic. Although English may be the common working language when working in an international setting, this does not mean that mutual communication and cooperation will go smoothly as a matter of course. It is also about intercultural skills: how do you work in an international team? And what are common patterns/common behaviour within Dutch (company) culture.

Understanding cultural aspects and the impact of your own behaviour, actions and interaction are also indispensable to really feel at home as an employee in a new working environment. You will find out what your own ‘normal’ is, and how this impacts your expectations and interactions with others. You can think about: how do you hold a discussion in an international team? When is an agreement an appointment? How equal can you be with your manager? How personal is the contact with your colleagues? How do you give and receive feedback?

What will you gain from this workshop?

This workshop will help you gain deeper insight into the impact of culture on effective and enjoyable work in an international context in the Netherlands. You’ll leave better informed and go to work (and back home) with practical tools, tips & tricks you can apply the next day.

Feel at home in the Netherlands

For whom?

This workshop is intended for non-Dutch employees, professionals and managers who will soon be coming to the Netherlands or who have recently started working in the Netherlands. It is also geared to any internationals who would like to develop a better understanding of Dutch (business) culture.

Experiences of others

• "Excellent and very insightful"
• "I liked that it was very interactive! Was informative and interesting!"
• "Very insightful and great discussions! Try all!"
• "Realise how important culture is to communication."
• "I had a nice time overall – got to know new perspectives and information."
• "Was interesting to learn about Dutch work culture. Bedankt!"
• "Practical insight into the Dutch world"

More information

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