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Professional communication skills

Professional communication skills

Professional communication skills English

A conversation in which you motivate another person, a speech that inspires, a recommendation that is persuasive... When you can draw on a rich communicative register, you will always be able to find a connection, make that link, and work together successfully.

At In’to, you will develop exactly those communicative skills that are valuable to you as a professional. In all our programmes, we combine scientific knowledge with insight and skills; you will learn what works better and discover why.



“Sarah Dresden coached me on my pitch for the CSR Manager of the Year election. Despite my years of experience giving presentations, webinars, lectures and workshops, the pitch format felt rather awkward.

Sarah gave me tips that helped to me really embody and feel my story, instead of rattling it off. I obviously managed to convey this feeling to the audience, because I won!”

Marije Klomp | Programme Director for Sustainability, named CSR Manager of the Year 2022