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Media training

Media training

And then suddenly you are in the news. How concisely, compellingly and clearly do you then communicate in front of the camera? How do you handle difficult questions from a journalist? This tailor-made course prepares you as much as possible for your media appearance and pays attention to both the presentation and the content of your appearance.

Media training

What is the target group of a media training course?

It's for anyone who, as a figurehead, spokesperson, director or employee, defines the face of the organisation. Even if it is only for a short while.

Content and method

First, we’ll have a chat with you. We then translate your wishes and goals into an effective programme. Possible topics in this training include:

  • What is news and how do various media work?
  • Be prepared: goal, audience and message
  • Recognising and avoiding pitfalls
  • Pitches, one-liners and statements
  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • Body language, use of voice and appearance
  • Choice of words, silences and intonation
  • Gaining and keeping control
  • Coping with tension

The meetings are above all practical and result-driven. You practice intensively (in front of a camera),  you receive thorough and focused feedback and are tested in all kinds of ways about sensitive topics.


All our communication skills programmes are tailor-made. What do we mean by this?

You can follow this course at our location, in-company or remotely via the virtual classroom. A combination is also possible. Together we can determine what is desirable and feasible and we can discuss the approach and design of the course. Would you rather follow the course in Dutch? That’s also possible. The costs for an in-company or private training course depend on your specific wishes. You will always receive a customised quote!

Would you like to know more?

Then click on the red button 'yes, I would like more information' or email (maatwerk@into.ru.nl) or call us (024-361 61 66). We would be happy to make an appointment with you for an obligation-free consultation.