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Kopie van Slimmer en sneller lezen

Read smarter and faster

Smart, strategic, and fast reading are indispensable skills for anyone who regularly has to plough through piles of texts and would like to save time in the process.

Reading is a technique. A skill we teach ourselves through endless practice. The average reading speed of an adult varies between 150 and 250 words per minute. With intensive training, you can easily double this speed while maintaining the same level of comprehension.

How do you quickly select relevant information from a text? And… how do you remember what you read?


Content and method

The training we offer is tailored to individuals and small groups.

You will be given very practical assignments. You will practise strategies that will help you read faster and more critically, and to better remember what you read.

We will cover the following:

  • Reading speed: why do we read so slowly?
  • How to train eye fixation and increase your reading speed
  • Reading strategies: from skimming to summarising
  • Active and goal-oriented reading
  • The SQ3R method
  • How to improve your concentration and memory
  • Reading with prior knowledge: text structures

Who is the Read Smarter and Faster training programme intended for?

For anyone who has to read a lot for their studies or work and who would like to save time in the process.

What does tailor-made coaching or training look like?

We focus very specifically on your concrete question, learning objective, text, or presentation. During the short free intake, you and your coach/trainer can discuss your wishes and goals. We will then send you a free, tailor-made quotation with a cost specification. If you agree, you can agree with your coach on dates for the coaching or training sessions.

We offer coaching programmes and tailor-made courses on location at our building, online, or in-company. These programmes are available in Dutch and in English.

More information and contact

If you would like to know more, please contact us by clicking the red button below or email us at maatwerk@into.ru.nl. We would be happy to make an appointment with you for an exploration call.