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Scientific communication skills

Scientific communication skills

Build your scientific career

What makes you a successful academic? In addition to doing solid, meaningful, and pioneering research, it is crucial that you communicate effectively. How do you do that? How do you make complex material accessible to the general public, write a readable thesis or article, present a keynote speech or inaugural lecture, convince a committee, and stay in control in the media?

Radboud in’to Languages helps academics communicate successfully and with more pleasure about their research with colleagues and a wider audience.

Marije Klomp's winning pitch

Marije Klomp prijs - Edited“Sarah Dresden from In'to coached me on my pitch for the CSR Manager of the Year election. Despite my years of experience giving presentations, webinars, lectures and workshops, the pitch format felt rather awkward. You have three minutes to present a catchy story, from memory, and with good use of voice and posture.

Sarah gave me tips that helped to me really embody and feel my story, instead of rattling it off. I also felt strong and confident. I obviously managed to convey this feeling to the audience, because I won!”

Congratulations, Marije!