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Coaching: pitching for a grant

The odds of receiving good news after an interview with NWO and ERC are lower than 50%. Your presentation and answers will make a real difference in the 20 minutes in which you get to speak. Reason enough to optimally put yourself and your research in the limelight to improve your odds.

We at In'to know how to do all of these things like no other at this point. For the past five years, we have coached candidates intensively and successfully as preparation for their interview. From VENI, VIDI, and VICI to Gravitation programmes and from ERC-starting and consolidator to a Synergy grant. We will gladly let you benefit from our insights.


Structure of the coaching programme

Together with your coach, you will focus on the content of your story and how you plan tell it. We will look at what is effective, what helps you stand out, and what you feel comfortable with.

The ultimate goal is a convincing pitch that makes you and your audience enthusiastic.

What will you learn?

  • Convincing the committee of the importance, the urgency, and the innovative character of your research project.
  • Choosing the proper balance between academic complexity and clarity.
  • To present yourself as an excellent researcher with confidence without being pretentious.
  • To answer tough questions in a relaxed, open, and confident manner.

Satisfied customers

”In'to coached me for my Vici grant, ERC starting grant, and later also my ERC consolidator grant. I found it incredibly useful each time. Every time I thought I finally understood how it worked, there turned out to be something else that required fine-tuning. The first time, it was the structure, the second time my posture, and the third time the visuals, with my coach helping me to dot the i’s. Apart from content, In’to Language also provides the structure and safe space that makes it possible to start practising in timely fashion and receive comprehensive feedback. As far as I'm concerned, this is an essential step for a successful grant application.”
Karin Roelofs | Professor of Experimental Psychopathology, Behavioural Science Institute (BSI)

"My story and confidence improved substantially"

"I received an invitation for an interview at the European Research Council for a grant proposal at the end of last year. It concerned a sum of roughly 2 million euros, so a lot depended on that ten-minute conversation for me. I enlisted In'to's assistance." read more >>

Mark Huijbregts, professor of Environmental Science