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PhD coaching

Dissertation defense coaching

The end of your PhD programme is in sight. You've worked incredibly hard on your dissertation; now ‘all’ you need to do is survive your defence. The day of your PhD defence is a special and exciting day, and expectations can run pretty high. Of course you look forward to it, but you might also feel nervous, and even slightly dread your upcoming layman's talk and the defence. Maybe you are not quite sure yet what a layman's talk is. How ‘simple’ can it be? And how do you make it interesting for everyone in your audience? Maybe you are not sure that you can answer all the questions.

Is this something you recognise? Would you like to come ‘on stage’ for your defence feeling well prepared? Would you like to have someone to brainstorm with about your layman's talk and how you will present it? Would you like to practice answering difficult and multi-layered questions with confidence and positivity? This coaching programme can give you the confidence you need to present a convincing story with enjoyment.

PhD coaching

Together with your coach, you will focus on what matters to you. You will practice and receive feedback. During the coaching sessions:

  • You will learn what to expect during your PhD defence
  • We will help you design your layman's talk Together, we will look at the content and structure of your story, and the way you want to tell it
  • You will practise your layman's talk
  • You will practise answering difficult questions from the corona (of professors)
  • You will learn to gain and retain control
  • You will learn how to explain in a few sentences what your PhD dissertation is about
  • You will learn to cope with tension

The coaching sessions are practical and result-driven, and form a solid preparation for your PhD defence.

What does tailor-made coaching or training look like?

We focus very specifically on your concrete question, learning objective, text, or presentation. During the short free intake, you and your coach/trainer can discuss your wishes and goals. We will then send you a free, tailor-made quotation with a cost specification. If you agree, you can agree with your coach on dates for the coaching or training sessions.

Our coaching programmes and tailor-made training programmes can take place on location at our building, online, or in company. These programmes are available in Dutch and in English.

Would you like to know more?

Then click on the red button 'yes, I want more information' or email (maatwerk@into.ru.nl) or call us (024-361 61 66). We would be happy to make an appointment with you for an obligation-free consultation.