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Inaugural lecture coaching

Inaugural lecture coaching

Your inaugural lecture is an excellent opportunity to guide the listeners through your academic field. But how do you put years of research and ambition into words in a way that will captivate colleagues, family, and friends alike for 45 minutes? How do you combine a coherent academic analysis with ideals, vision, personal stories, and humour? How do you make sure it'll be a moment that everyone-- yourself included-- can think back to positively?

Inaugural lecture coaching

Together with your coach:

- You will work to structure your story, enliven your text, and translate it to the colloquial language that suits you

- You will select your appealing visual supports, possibly with the help of a graphic designer

- You will build a lively, varied, and possibly interactive argument

- You will refine your presentation style during the ‘general rehearsal’ on the location of your inaugural lecture

- You will be able to watch a recording of your ‘general rehearsal’ and discuss it with your coach

Satisfied customers

'Do you already have a good idea, but don't yet know how to properly structure it... or have you not quite figured out what the message of your story is? Inez has guided me in searching for the logic and the narrative in my speech myself. She also was my personal coach throughout the entire process surrounding my inaugural lecture.'
prof. dr. M.J. Cima - Behavioural Science Institute

'The inaugural lecture is a difficult genre; you have to cater to very different audiences all at once. You have to tell your family what you've been working on, give students an inspiring lecture, and give your colleagues broad perspectives in your field. Most of all, however, an inaugural lecture should be your own story. Inez Zondag has helped me to pinpoint what my own story was, and which form would suit both me and the content of what I wanted to say. I look back on both the cooperation and the result with great pleasure.'
prof. dr. M. van Oostendorp - hoogleraar Nederlands en Academische communicatie

What does tailor-made coaching or training look like?

We focus very specifically on your concrete question, learning objective, text, or presentation. During the short free intake, you and your coach/trainer can discuss your wishes and goals. We will then send you a free, tailor-made quotation with a cost specification. If you agree, you can agree with your coach on dates for the coaching or training sessions.

Our coaching programmes and tailor-made training programmes can take place on location at our building, online, or in company. These programmes are available in Dutch and in English.

Would you like to know more?

Then click on the red button 'yes, I want more information' or email (maatwerk@into.ru.nl) or call us (024-361 61 66). We would be happy to make an appointment with you for an obligation-free consultation.