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Information and courses for people pursuing civic integration

Information and courses for people pursuing civic integration

Nederlands landschap met tulpen - smal

Learning Dutch (NT2)

Do you want to or need to learn Dutch as quickly as possible? Radboud in'to Languages can help. We offer day and evening courses that prepare you to pass the Civic Integration Exam and the NT2 State Exam, levels 1 and 2. You can expect to achieve quick results thanks to the fast pace of these courses, which are designed specifically for highly-educated people pursuing civic integration.

Interested? Schedule an intake first

Before you can register for a course, you will have to schedule an intake assessment.


The start of your integration period and your status as someone pursuing civic integration will determine who is responsible for paying for the course. The links below contain information from the Dutch government on integration, payment and exams.

Do you have a DUO loan?


Radboud in'to Languages has a Blik op Werk quality label. This means you can use your DUO loan to pay for your NT2 course, provided you meet several conditions and deadlines.