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How to enrol for an English or Dutch course at an employee discount

The Executive Board supports the provision of Dutch and English courses for non-native speakers of Dutch or English. Because of this, employees can follow one or more English or Dutch courses free of charge, meaning that the costs are covered by the Executive Board and the department at which the employee works.

Please go through the checklist to find out if you are eligible for the language policy discount.

Step 1. Check whether you are part of the target group.

You are eligible if the answer to one or more of the questions below is yes.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible if the answer to both questions below is no.

  • Are you a staff member or PhD candidate at Radboud University?
  • Are you a staff member at Radboud university medical center with teaching or research duties (lecturers, PhD candidates and postdocs)​ or a staff member involved in the reception of visitors.

Please note: The following steps are different for group courses and tailor-made courses

Are you interested in a group course?

Step 2. Have your level assessed.
You can skip this step if we already know your level.

Step 3. Register (only for group courses)
If you have completed step 1 and 2, you can register now.

Please note: indicate on the registration form that your 'Employer' is paying the invoice and fill in the correct specification code/cost centre code (verbijzonderingscode). You can find an overview of the specification codes for each faculty/institute here: Information specifications Language Policy per faculty. (pdf, 71 kB) If the specification code/cost header code for your faculty/institute is not listed, please ask your supervisor for the code.


Are you interested in a tailor-made course?

Step 2. Verify with your supervisor whether you have permission to take a tailor-made course in Dutch or English. If yes, you can take the course free of charge. If no, you are not eligible for a discount under the language policy scheme. As an employee you do receive a 10% discount on the quoted price.

Step 3. Schedule an appointment for an intake interview and the making of a quotation.

During the intake interview, your level and learning objectives will be mapped out. You will then receive a tailor-made offer.
You can make an appointment via:
E: maatwerk@into.ru.nl
T: 024 361 61 66