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Testing students’ language proficiency

Language skills are a core academic competence that contributes to the quality of our education. The language policy for students forms an essential part of the new strategy for this reason. Radboud University sees it as its task to support students in their acquisition of academic language competencies.

In order to train students to become academics who possess exceptional communication skills and are well prepared for the labour market, a language policy aimed at improving both Dutch and English proficiency is crucial.

Starting from the 2020-2021 academic year, the Radboud Academic Diagnostic Assessment (RADAr) will be compulsory for all first-year Bachelor's students (in their study programme’s language of instruction). A diagnostic report offers students insight into their academic language proficiency level and makes students aware of the importance of strong language skills for successfully completing university studies.

If students achieve a low score on the assessment, they can follow a remedial programme at the start of their studies to improve their academic language skills. Students also have access to an online toolbox with theory and exercises to ensure they can work independently on improving their language skills.

The RADAr was developed by Radboud in'to Languages and focuses on academic language use in an academic setting.