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Why In'to?

Donkergroen vinkje high pace and quick results

Donkergroen vinkje attention to language, communication and culture

Donkergroen vinkje We tailor to your needs: there's always a course that suits you perfectly

Free of charge

Radboud University invests in the language skills of its students, as language proficiency gives them an edge on the labour market.

This is why the Executive Board facilitates courses on academic writing, Dutch and English, as well as the testing of academic language competences, for students. So if you would like to work on your language skills, you can!

With a discount

Start your study or internship well prepared

Students who are planning to spend a period abroad or are enrolled in an English-taught Bachelor's or Master's programme might feel the need to improve their English.

Improve your English and impress with your CV

With a Cambridge certificate you show that you have a good command of English. If you would like to get a certificate, take a Cambridge course. You will improve your English language skills and be prepared for the Cambridge exam.

Boost your English in 1 day

Work on one skill for a day and make a big step.

Speak other languages as well

Register for a language course in one of our 15 languages.

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