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If you have any questions about Social Dutch, the day and evening courses or improving your Dutch speaking and writing skills, please contact our Service Centre:
T: +31 24 361 21 59      E: info@into.ru.nl

If you have any specific needs, please contact our tailor-made course department: 
T: +31 24 361 61 66      E: maatwerk@into.ru.nl

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Social Dutch

  • You would like to familiarise yourself with the Dutch language.
  • You want to be able to understand Dutch people and communicate with them in everyday situations. For example, in the supermarket, on public transport, and in shops, bars or restaurants.

  • You want to learn a little Dutch for fun, but, at the moment, you don’t expect Dutch will play a major role in your future.

  • You are willing and able to spend a maximum of two to three hours per week on independent study.
  • You are willing and able to invest a limited amount of time in a Dutch course (two 90-minute lessons each week for eight weeks).

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Day or evening Dutch courses

  • You would like to master the Dutch language.
  • You want a solid foundation across all skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar.
  • You foresee that Dutch can become important in your future due to personal circumstances, studies, internship or work.
  • You see learning Dutch as an investment in your life.
  • You are willing and able to spend five hours or more a week on self-study to build a solid foundation.

Online day and evening courses Dutch

Pronunciation for beginners training programme

You started learning Dutch, and you have reached A1 level. You find Dutch pronunciation difficult, and you would like more explanation and an opportunity to practise. This is precisely what the pronunciation training programme is for.

Improve your Dutch speaking or writing skills

  • You have a good command of the Dutch language but you want to improve your speaking and/or writing skills.
  • You are willing and able to invest a limited amount of time in a Dutch course (a weekly one-hour course for eight weeks).
  • You are willing and able to spend a maximum of three hours per week on independent study.

Improve your Dutch speaking or writing skills

Intensiver Sommerkurs NT2 für (angehende) deutsche Studenten, Doktoranden und Dozenten

Dieser Kurs richtet sich an deutschsprachige Studieninteressierte, Studenten, Doktoranden und Mitarbeiter, die:

- deutsche Muttersprachler sind und:
- an einer niederländischen Universität studieren (werden) oder arbeiten (werden)

Start ab 26. Juni

Learning Dutch quickly

  • You want to make as much progress as possible in a short amount of time. Your entry level doesn’t matter.
  • You need the Dutch language to communicate and work in a primarily Dutch environment.
  • You are willing and able to devote an entire week (five consecutive days) to learning Dutch.

Learn Dutch quickly

Tailor-made Dutch

Do you have any language related questions that require a tailor-made solution? Maybe you're about to be in a situation where you have to be able to negotiate with international business partners? Or what about having to give an important presentation in a foreign language?

No problem, we will draw up a tailor-made programme together!

Maatwerk pak

Interested? Feel free to contact us.

T: 024 361 61 66

E: info@into.ru.nl

To me, learning the local language is one of the most important things you can do when starting your new life in another country. Communication is essential. A new environment really makes you realise how important communication really is. Thanks to the NT2 (Dutch as a second language) course, I can now read and write more fluently and I’m better at identifying and understanding cultural signs.

This course helped me build and enjoy my life in the Netherlands.

Judit Battló Kooijmans - Dutch course participant

Do you have a specific goal?

  • Are you looking for a custom training solution?

We can put together the perfect programme in consultation with you!

Interested? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nederlands op maat

Dutch culture

  • You want to learn the defining characteristics of Dutch culture.
  • You want to know how to behave and what you can expect from a Dutch academic setting.

Course Crack the Dutch code within education

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Donkergroen vinkje high pace and quick results

Donkergroen vinkje attention to language, communication and culture

Donkergroen vinkje We tailor to your needs: there's always a course that suits you perfectly

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