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Nederlands leren

Choose the Dutch course that suits you best

Would you like to learn Dutch? At In'to Languages, you can choose from different types of NT2 courses: Dutch as a Second Language courses.
Are you following a civic integration programme? View the information for people pursuing civic integration

Social Dutch

Become familiar with the Dutch language and culture in just eight weeks, with two classes per week. You will learn to understand and communicate in Dutch in everyday situations.

Day and evening courses

Learn Dutch in a relatively short time, and acquire a solid foundation across all skills: speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar.

Intensive language programme

Immerse yourself in the Dutch language and make rapid progress in just five days. This course is tailored to your needs and can be followed individually or in a group.

Tailor-made Dutch

Do you have a specific goal that requires a custom training solution? We can put together the perfect programme in consultation with you!

You can follow a tailor-made Dutch course at our location, in-company or remotely via the virtual classroom. A combination is also possible. Together we can determine what is desirable and feasible and we can discuss the approach and design of the course. You will always receive a customised quote.

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Any questions?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions from people integrating into Dutch society

If you have any other question, please contact our Service Centre:
T: +31 24 361 21 59      E: info@into.ru.nl

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"Four years ago I started with Dutch level A1, and a year later I had completed all levels, including C1. It was an incredibly fun journey, and I learnt so much that I’ve experienced little trouble with the language so far in my HBO study programme. I also made a lot of friends and acquired a big social network that I find very useful."

Bahaa Aldeen Dabbagh

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Blik op Werk
We take part in the Kwaliteitsgroep Educatie en Taal (Education and Language Quality Group).