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Dutch course - Writing for students and professionals

Optimise your writing skills

You are already quite proficient in Dutch and you write a lot in your studies or job, but you have noticed that your texts do not always convey the message you intended. Perhaps this is because in your study or work environment you are required to make quick decisions. What to write and what not to write? What is the appropriate way of addressing a colleague, supervisor or client? How to make sure your style and choice of words help you come across in a professional manner? How to make your arguments persuasive? This course will help you answer these questions and optimise your writing skills.

Target group

Very advanced speakers of Dutch who have passed the Staatsexamen NT2 (state exam in Dutch as a second language), programme II.


You will learn to write texts that are clear, efficient and appropriate. You will learn to make the right decisions under time pressure, and write e-mails, (business) letters and short reports that reflect your professional and/or academic skills. While doing so, you will gain insight into your strong and weak points as a writer. Concrete feedback will help you make optimal use of your strong points and get rid of your weak points.

Course outline

This is a tailor-made course. Depending on the number of people that are interested, you can take the training course alone or in a group. Even receiving writing tutoring through Skype is an option.

Dates, times and costs

In an  intake interview, we take stock of your starting level and learning needs & goals. Based on all of this information, we design a training programme and send you a no-obligation quote. We plan dates and times by mutual agreement.

All of our courses and training programmes are exempt from VAT.

More information

If you would like more information about this course, please contact Onno ter Haar:

E: o.terhaar@let.ru.nl
T: +31 24 361 21 59