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Online course: writing for non-native speakers

You have a good command of the Dutch language and you consider writing to be a fun hobby or an important part of your work or studies. However, you've also noticed that your texts aren't having the desired effect, aren't coming across as you'd like, or that you struggle with syntax, grammar or word choice. You may find yourself asking questions such as:

  • What should and shouldn't I write about?
  • To what extent can I address my colleague, supervisor or colleague directly?
  • How can my writing style and word choice help me improve my professional image?
  • How do I present an argument more convincingly?
  • How do I get my readers to do what I want?
  • How do I tackle a longer text?
  • How can I improve my sentence structure and avoid making mistakes?

This course will help you improve your Dutch writing skills, understand the writing process and make better choices. You will also focus on several key improvement areas.

Target group (from B1)

Advanced non-native speakers who have passed at least the NT2 State Exam, program I or II. If you do not have official documentation that proves your level, we will assess it during an intake interview. This course is intended for people who need to be able to speak Dutch effectively for their jobs, studies, and/or private projects. If you want a general level increase, a group course for intermediate or advanced students may be more suitable. The online writing course can be followed together with the online speaking course.

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Course contents

During this course you will learn to write clearly and effectively. You will also learn to make decisions under time pressure and improve your professional and/or academic image in e-mails, business letters and short reports. In doing so, you will gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Concrete feedback will help you to further improve your strengths and to minimise your weaknesses.

Course structure

This is an online course. Each participant will formulate his or her own learning goals on which they will focus throughout the course. This could range from writing an academic paper or writing web content for a new corporate website to improving your client-friendly communication skills.

You will learn a lot from the other participants during this course by sharing feedback and exchanging thoughts and ideas on a forum. You will also receive individual feedback from the writing coach. This course consists of eight virtual lessons with a writing coach as well as several assignments (e.g. online discussion exercises). During these lessons, issues covered in the assignments as well as common mistakes will be discussed. The lessons are therefore demand-driven.

Course information

Eight online lessons of 1 hour in a virtual classroom setting.

Dates and times

Dates and times spring course

April 24 to June 26
Mondays from 18:00 to 19:00 hrs

Courses 8
Location Virtual Classroom
Maximum participants 9

Self-study: approximately 20 hours discussion (assignments, writing assignments, exercises)

Active participation

The only way to ensure a successful course is if the participants practice writing regularly and participate actively in the lessons. The course is based largely around the participants’ needs and requirements. The learning environment serves as a community in which non-natives can help each other improve their writing skills.

>> Information for people who are following a civic integration programme


You can only register for this course after you have had an intake assessment.

>> Here you can read what the intake assessment consists of and plan your intake assessment


If you have questions about the course, contact Onno ter Haar by e-mail at o.terhaar@let.ru.nl.

Costs and discounts

All of our courses and training programmes are exempt from VAT.

Regular fee € 595
RU students 
(50% discount)
€ 297.50
RU and Radboudumc staff
(free of charge)
Free of charge 
(provided that they meet the necessary conditions for Language Policy Courses)

RU staff & alumni 
(10% discount)

€ 535.50
Always 10% discount

WUR staff & students
(10% discount)

€ 535.50
Always 10% discount

If you wish to pay for the course with your DUO loan for inburgering, you will have to sign the course contract in our office one week before the course starts. You will receive more information in this regard per email.

Materials for independent study*

Naef, R., & Te Brake, S. The right tone. Business Dutch for non-natives. Publisher Coutinho, 2019. ISBN 9789046906637

Not included in the course price.

Please contact us:

Bel 024-361 21 59

Mail  info@into.ru.nl

Docent Onno ter Haar online training schrijven voor anderstaligen

Teacher Onno ter Haar

Docente Onne Smeets online training schrijven voor anderstaligen

Teacher Onne Smeets