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Online speaking course for non-native speakers

Online speaking course for non-native speakers

You already have a good command of Dutch and you can manage well in most informal situations in everyday life and at work. However, in less predictable and formal situations, you find yourself struggling to have the right impact. Your vocabulary is sometimes too limited to express nuanced ideas and you often feel insecure or poorly understood.

Target group (from B1)

Advanced non-native speakers who have passed at least the NT2 State Exam, program I or II. If you do not have official documentation that proves your level, we will assess it during an intake interview. This course is intended for people who need to be able to speak Dutch effectively for their jobs, studies, and/or private projects. If you want a general level increase, a group course for intermediate or advanced students may be more suitable. The online speaking course can be followed together with the online writing course.

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In this course, you will improve your professional speaking skills. You will develop a better handle on difficult conversations and learn to assert yourself. In addition, you will work on specific aspects of grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.


This is an online course. Each participant formulates their own project or learning question on which they will work during the course. This could involve negotiating with customers or presenting a plan or research in a meeting.

In the course, you will learn a great deal from each other: you will give each other feedback on speaking assignments and exchange ideas with each other in a forum. Before the meeting, you will study the theory and complete a preparatory assignment. During the meeting, we actively practice and model the task you will carry out in your professional life. In a protected environment on Brightspace, you will submit a recording of that assignment and your reflection on it. You will also receive feedback on this from the trainers.

Course information

Eight one-hour lessons in a virtual classroom. Approximately three hours of homework per lesson. In total, this course will take approximately 30 hours.

Dates and times

Dates and times spring course

April 24 to June 26
Mondays from 19:30 to 20:30 hrs

Number of lessons



These lessons take place entirely online in our Virtual Classroom

Maximum number of course participants


Prices and discounts

Regular fee

€ 595

RU students
(50% discount)

€ 297.50

RU and Radboudumc staff
(free of charge)

Free of charge 
(provided that they meet the necessary conditions for Language Policy Courses)

Staff members Radboud University and Radboud university medical center & alumni

€ 535.50
standard 10% discount

Staff members and students of WUR

€ 535.50
standard 10% discount

If you wish to pay for the course with your DUO loan for inburgering, you will have to sign the course contract in our office one week before the course starts. You will receive more information in this regard per email.

Active participation

The course can only be successful if the participants practice regularly and participate actively. The questions from the participants are the point of departure. The learning environment also functions as an online community where non-native speakers help each other in the sphere of professional speaking skills.

>> Information for people who are following a civic integration programme


You can only register for this course after you have had an intake assessment.

>> Here you can read what the intake assessment consists of and plan your intake assessment


For questions about the course, please contact Onno ter Haar: o.terhaar@let.ru.nl

Materials for independent study*

Naef, R., & Te Brake, S. The right tone. Business Dutch for non-natives. Publisher Coutinho, 2019. ISBN 9789046906637 * Not included in the course price.

Please contact us:

Bel 024-361 21 59

Mail  info@into.ru.nl

Docent Onno ter Haar online training schrijven voor anderstaligen

Teacher Onno ter Haar