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Social Dutch

Join our (free) Social Dutch classes

Free for Radboud University and Radboudumc international students and staff who meet the conditions:

  • Max. 2 Social Dutch courses per student/staff, any additional course must be paid for.
  • You meet the 80% attendance requirement.

All evening courses can be attended online or on location.

Why Social Dutch classes?

  • You would like to familiarise yourself with the Dutch language.
  • You especially want to be able to understand and speak to Dutch people in everyday situations. For example, in the supermarket, in public transport and in shops, bars or restaurants.
  • You want to learn a little Dutch for fun. But, at the moment, you don’t expect Dutch will play a major role in your future.

Social Dutch III

From A1 to halfway to A2

Social Dutch IV

From A2 to Halfway to B1

Watch our free webinar

Experiences with Social Dutch