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Effective writing in English

Writing in a faster and more structured way with clearer and sharper phrasing in English.

This tailor-made course will teach you the essence of professional, businesslike writing, regardless of the genre. Afterwards, you can use the tips and acquired skills on every text type ranging from advisory reports to letters or news articles. The end result? Clear texts with true impact.

For whom?

Anyone who writes business texts. We offer a practical course that is fully adjustable to your own situation.

Effective writing

Content and method

Based on an intake interview, your texts and your learning objectives, we compose a programme for you. Possible topics in this course include:

  • Writing in phases: from preparation to completion
  • Knowing your audience, topic and goal
  • Working with fixed classification criteria
  • Writing texts with a clear and logical structure
  • Formulating in a smooth and contemporary way
  • Avoiding clichés
  • Writing actively
  • Playing with language: figures of speech and metaphors
  • Correct English: spelling and grammar refresher course
  • Dealing with procrastination and writer's block

The sessions are of a dynamic, practical and targeted nature. We aim to use your own texts as practice material as much as possible. We alternate between practical writing or editing exercises, feedback and theory.

Tailor-made courses

All our communication skills programmes are tailor-made. What do we mean by this?

  • The content, shape and duration of the course are fully adjustable to your own preferences and learning objectives.
  • You can choose an individual programme for yourself or in-company course for you and your colleagues.
  • You can also follow our course in a different language.

Are you interested in a course that teaches you how to write effectively?

English and Dutch courses 
(Free of charge thanks to language policy discount)

Radboud University is a bilingual university with a multilingual campus. That's why investing in language policy is important. The university offers free Dutch and English courses for its employees and PhD candidates.

Target groups

  • Radboud University employees and PhD candidates
  • Radboud university medical center staff with teaching or research duties (lecturers, PhD candidates and postdocs)​

Radboud University and Radboud university medical center staff who cannot make use of the language policy scheme to take this course receive a 10% discount.

Why In'to?

Donkergroen vinkje High pace and quick results

Donkergroen vinkje Attention to language, communication and culture

Donkergroen vinkje We tailor to your needs: there's always a course that suits you perfectly


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