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Frequently asked questions - English courses

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about English courses.

Which English course would be best for me?

Based on your current proficiency level in English, we can determine which course would be best for you.
That is why you will need an OOPT score before you register for a course. Depending on your OOPT score, you can register for one of the following courses.

OOPT score        Which English course is best for this score?
40-60               --> English course for intermediate learners (B1)
60-80               --> English course for advanced learners (B2)
80-100             --> English course for very advanced learners (C1) or Business English course (C1) 
100+                --> English course for native-level speakers (C2)

Here you can read more about the OOPT and register for an OOPT test.

I need English for my studies. Which level would be the best fit?

Most English-language Bachelor's programmes require B2 level, and Master’s require C1. Please check the entry requirements of the programme.

Can I progress to a higher level after completing a course?

Yes, if you have successfully completed a course with us you will receive a certificate of Radboud in'to Languages stating your level. You can use this certificate to advance to the next level within a year without having to take the OOPT again.

How much time will I spend on the course apart from the lessons?

In order to become better at English, it is important that you invest sufficient time. On average, 3–4 hours of self-study per week are required. Do you have more time or less? Our teaching method can be tailored to you with additional online exercises, so that the course fits exactly into your learning pace.

What is a Cambridge exam?

After completing your English course, you can register for one of the Cambridge Exams at one of the many British Council exam centres in the Netherlands. When you pass, you will receive a Cambridge Certificate. With this certificate you prove how good your English is. Most organisations and employers believe that you must be able to demonstrate a strong command of the English language.

Is the Cambridge exam included in the course?

The exam costs are not included in the course price. You can register for an exam through The British Council.

Can I also take a course if I don't want to take the Cambridge exam?

Yes, you can! Developing your language skills is the focus of the course. The exam training is only provided to those who want to take the exam, primarily during self-study time.

What is a Cambridge certificate?

A Cambridge certificate is proof of your proficiency level of English. The certificate is issued by The British Council. You will be assessed on four skills: Reading and use of English, writing, listening and speaking. There are various levels. A Cambridge certificate is recognised in almost all countries in the world. The certificates will remain valid for the rest of your life!

Did you know that In'to Languages is an officially recognised Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre?

Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre