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E-learning: Medical German

E-learning module: Medical German

Do you work as a professional in a medical institution and do you treat German-speaking patients? Do you occasionally talk with your German colleagues? Or are you preparing for an internship or career in the medical field of a German-speaking country? Then it is necessary to know the correct medical terminology and phrasings in German, but also to understand the habits and customs.

Do you want to improve your German language proficiency and does a course not fit your schedule because of a busy life? Perhaps an Medical German e-learning module might be something for you. You work remotely on your language skills via the virtual classroom and with the personal assistance of a teacher.

Medisch Engels

Who might benefit from a Medical German e-learning module?

Medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, or other employees of healthcare organisations.

What do you learn when taking this e-learning module?

In the Medical German e-learning module you will learn the right medical terminology and phrasings you will need to be able to communicate effectively, fluently and correctly with German-speaking patients and colleagues. You will also get acquainted with the German culture in a medical context.

The possible topics during the e-learning module include:

  • anamnesis;
  • conversations with patients;
  • the explanation of illnesses;
  • delivering bad news;
  • phone calls;
  • conversations with colleagues;
  • writing letters and e-mails;
  • Intercultural differences, such as manners and communication styles of speakers of German.

Before starting the e-learning module you will have an interview with an experienced teacher who will look at your current level and goals. Based on this, we will tailor a fitting programme.

What you can expect

With this e-learning module you will learn remotely and with the personal assistance of a teacher. Through the use of online tools and the virtual classroom, you get the best of both worlds. On the one hand, the freedom to learn wherever you want, and on the other hand the luxury of having a teacher who motivates and guides you when needed.

  • Online learning environment and virtual classroom made possible by Radboud University
  • Available at any place and time and on any device
  • Everything at your fingertips and no additional costs for learning materials
  • Effective teaching
  • Certificate when finished

Would you like to have more information or like to request a proposal for this e-learning module? Please contact our tailor-made department.