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Cursus Noors leren voor beginners

There are many reasons to learn Norwegian. Are you going on an exchange programme to Norway? Or are you moving to Norway for work or love? A second home in a rural area? Or do you just love Norwegian? 
Whatever your reason, Radboud in'to Languages is the right place to learn Norwegian!

You are sure to learn to communicate effectively in Norwegian with us. Our courses are characterised by their high pace, thoroughness, functional approach and effectiveness. They are about more than just learning words and grammar; the most important thing is what you want to achieve by learning Norwegian.

Our Norwegian courses

Donkergroen vinkje Group courses with a maximum of 16 participants
Donkergroen vinkje A unique combination of study pleasure, study convenience and learning efficiency
Donkergroen vinkje Always with a teacher present
Donkergroen vinkje Digital learning environment

Tailor-made Norwegian course?

Do you have a training request for which you are looking for a tailor-made solution? Do you need to be able to negotiate with Norwegian business partners or do you need to give a presentation in Norwegian? 
We can put together the perfect programme in consultation with you!

You can follow a Norwegian course at our office, in-company or remotely via the virtual classroom. A combination is also possible. Together we can determine what is desirable and feasible and we can discuss the approach and design of the course. You will always receive a tailor-made quote!

Are you interested? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

T: 024 361 61 66

E: maatwerk@into.ru.nl