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Online course Grammar development for academic writers

Online course Grammar development for academic writers


Do you need to communicate your research in scientific publications but do you still find aspects of English an ongoing challenge? Do you struggle with English tenses, articles (the and a), word order or effective sentence structure? Does your native language work very differently? Is direct translation just not possible because your language does not, for example, use tense or articles?

Grammar development for academic writers was developed with speakers of non-European languages in mind. Using a highly practical digital language platform and receiving input and feedback from your teacher, you will gain the insight and tools you need to overcome these final language hurdles. All grammatical issues are explained taking your language backgrounds into account.

Grammar development for academic writers is best taken before, alongside or after Scientific Writing.


During this course, you will learn to improve the general English language features you need to successfully communicate your research in writing. We will focus on common pitfalls, but will also deal with individual and group needs.

Since you will be expected to hand in and edit various sections of your paper during this course, it is important that you are actually working on one when you register.



This course consists of 5 two-hour sessions which take place every two weeks. You will improve the English in your own paper and receive detailed teacher feedback. In addition, you are expected to study the material and complete assignments in the online tool.

You follow this online course via the Virtual Classroom and under the guidance of a lecturer. The lessons take place in Kaltura, the secure online learning environment of Radboud University.

Course materials

You will have access to the Radboud in’to Languages online tool GOALS containing explanations and interactive exercises on the different topics covered in the course.


You need to both attend the sessions and complete all assignments in order to be eligible for a certificate.

Practical information

Course instructor
Dr. Edith Schouten

  • Dates: to be announced
  • Number of classes: 5 (courses on 12/4, 26/4, 17/5, 31/5 and 14/6)
  • Day and time: Monday from 10.00-12.00 am. CET (3.00-5.00 pm. Western Indonesian time)
  • Self-study: 5 hours per week
  • Location: This is an online course that takes place in the Virtual Classroom
  • Fee: € 570 (amount must be paid before the course has started)
  • Number of participants: min. 8 – max 15  Courses will take place when a minimum number of participants is reached.

Entry requirements, registration and intake

Entry requirements - the OOPT test

  • An Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) score of 80+ or
  • B2 First Cambridge Qualification – Grade c or above.
  • Or equivalent



After registration you will receive a link from our Service Centre to schedule an intake interview with the teacher.

More Information?

Would you like more information? Please contact us via
E: info@into.ru.nl
T: +31-3612159