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Fluency Coaching for Lecturers

Tailor-made course: Fluency Coaching for Lecturers

Working in an international university can be a great professional opportunity, but it can also be challenging when you feel your current language skills are not quite up to the task.  Our tailor-made course, Fluency Coaching for Lecturers, is designed to help identify gaps in your language skills and build your fluency so that you feel confident lecturing in English. Perhaps you are new to lecturing in English and want to iron out any grammatical mistakes and make sure you have a good grasp of the English needed to manage your lectures before getting up in front of a class. Or maybe you have plenty of lecturing experience but would like to polish your language skills so that you can express yourself more naturally. Based on a initial scan of your level, our experienced trainers will design a tailor-made programme to help develop your fluency and boost your confidence in the international classroom.

Lesgeven in het Engels - Universiteit

Course content

Topics covered in the course may include

  • Getting your lectures off to a good start: defining objectives, managing expectations, establishing rapport with your students;
  • Structuring your lessons: signposting, regulative discourse, clear linking;
  • Providing clear definitions: determining key vocabulary, academic versus spoken register; paraphrasing;
  • Describing visuals and working with slides: signalling key information, describing complex data, slide design;
  • Stimulating and managing interaction: effective questioning, providing feedback, managing group discussions;
  • The international classroom: politeness strategies, effective use of sentence stress and clear pronunciation;
  • Preparing for high stakes lectures and conferences: developing a convincing clear message, storytellling and networking;
  • General fluency building: building grammatical accuracy, expanding your vocabulary range and expressing yourself authentically in English

Practical information

Start level*

B2: 10 individual sessions of 1.5 hours + 15 hours self -study

C1: 8 individual sessions of 1.5 hours + 12 hours self-study

C2: 6 individual sessions of 1.5 hous + 9 hours self-study

* To determine your level, sign up for an Online Oxford Placement Test (OOPT). Click on the button below


On request

Course materials

Material will be provided by Radboud in’to Languages


Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of participation.


The training can be provided on campus or online.


Are you interested and would you like to find out more? Don’t hesitate to contact us:

E: maatwerk@into.ru.nl
T: 024-361 61 66