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Teacher development workshops

Is your team looking for a refresher of their language skills or a chance to work together on the essentials of teaching in English – then choose one of our most popular teacher development workshops: CLIL basics, Build your Fluency, Team Building in TTO.  Is your school already very experienced in TTO? Then deepen your teaching skills with our Advanced CLIL workshops series.

Essential Workshops for TTO

CLIL Basics

Is your school new to TTO or are there new team members who need to be brought up to speed on the didactics of bilingual education? This workshop gives an introduction to the basics of CLIL methodology, the phases of the TTO learning cycle, and provides participants with a range of activities that can be easily integrated into their lessons to support students’ learning. During this workshop, teachers are also encouraged to reflect on how their current good practices can be adapted and integrated into the CLIL concept.

Team Building for TTO

Are you looking for a fun, energetic workshop to bring your teaching team together? Team Building for TTO provides an opportunity for teachers to learn from each other’s experiences of teaching in a bilingual environment, explore the challenges and opportunities, share their resources and investigate the possibilities for cross-curricular materials development within your school. Trainers will also share some of their own favorite classroom activities to provide teachers with inspiration for their lesson planning.

The goal of this session is to help teachers to strengthen relationships, and  find opportunities to collaborate, share, and celebrate their work in an informal environment.

Building your Fluency

Whether your school has just begun offering TTO or your staff have been teaching in English for years, all teachers can benefit from refreshing their language skills from time to time. Based on a short initial needs assessment, we can offer your school a workshop targeting the specific needs of your team, whether they need to review essential grammar, polish their pronunciation or simply broaden their vocabulary. Building your Fluency highlights the features of English most relevant for the TTO context so that your teachers can be confident they are providing an accurate and authentic model of English for their students.

Advanced CLIL workshops

Varied Learning: Multi-modal input and CLIL

Do you tend to rely on the same safe set of activities in your TTO lessons? Do you hesitate to incorporate more motivating authentic materials into your lessons like videos and podcasts? It can be difficult to successfully integrate these language-rich materials into your classroom without your students feeling overwhelmed or switching off. In this workshop, will we explore how to make effective use of a range of authentic input to engage and inspire your students while supporting their language development.

Everyone Learning: Differentiation in CLIL

How do you make sure that all students in your class receive the support or challenge that they need in the context of CLIL? Developing your students’ subject knowledge and motivating them to participate in English is a real challenge when language ability differs so much between students.  This workshop will help you identify activities that can be adapted to meet differing students’ needs to create a more inclusive classroom.

Deep Learning: Effective Questions and Feedback in CLIL

Quality questions are essential to get students talking and take their learning to the next level.  Good questioning is a hallmark of quality teaching, but this can be a major challenge in the TTO classroom where teachers feel less confident about their ability to form clear questions in English and respond appropriately. In this workshop, we’ll help you fine tune your questioning techniques in English and  experiment with feedback that can make your students more active participants in their own learning.

Are you interested and would you like to find out more?
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