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The Write Space

The Write Space for teachers

Do you want learn how to give students targeted feedback on the linguistic quality of their written work? Then The Write Space is exactly what you need. The Write Space is an interactive learning environment for lecturers who want to learn how to provide students with objective, personalised, and time-efficient linguistic feedback that will help them develop good academic writing skills.

The Write Space was developed by Radboud in’to Languages as part of the Language Policy Radboud International 2025. The learning environment is available to all lecturers on Brightspace. There is a Dutch version and an English version.

The Write Space for teachers

Why create The Write Space for lecturers?

Radboud University strives to train students to become strong communicators and linguistically skilled academics. This means that graduates are expected to be highly competent in the fields of text structure, argumentation, grammar, vocabulary and style. While this is primarily the responsibility of the students themselves, support and feedback from lecturers plays an important role in the students’ academic language development.

The Write Space gives lecturers the tools to deal with language and writing issues.

An interactive learning environment for lecturers

Experiences of previous trainees

Foto Anouk van HoogdalemWorking with The Write Space ensures that students can start practising their academic writing skills at home, so they can come to the tutorials prepared. Teachers can then spend less time covering these points and can focus on applying what the students have learned (the theory) to their own writing.
The Write Space is also a fantastic platform for teachers to work with. Beginning or more advanced academic skills teachers can work on it themselves on topics like: how do I give feedback efficiently? How do I guide the writing process and design writing instruction? For academic skills teachers, it provides useful background information and ensures that, as a team of teachers, everyone has the same emphasis in the writing course.”

Anouk van Hoogdalem
Academic Skills 1 Coordinator at Pedagogical Sciences and Educational Science

The Write Space: contents

There are four modules. Lecturers are free to choose which modules to take and in which order to take them.

Students & writing skills

Students and writing skills

  • Analysing the quality of texts
  • Supervising the writing process
  • Offering tools and resources

Designing writing assignments

Designing writing instruction

  • Designing writing assignments
  • Drafting assessment criteria
  • Developing continuous learning pathways

Feedback & learning

Feedback and learning

  • Giving effective feedback
  • Holding a feedback meeting
  • Encouraging peer feedback

Providing feedback efficiently

Providing feedback efficiently

  • Choosing an efficient feedback method
  • Using IT tools for feedback purposes
  • Offering tools and resources

Looking for best practices? You’ll also find these at The Write Space!

  • Checklist for assessing texts
  • Characteristics of a good writing assignment
  • Example of a continuous learning pathway for academic writing skills (and a blank schedule)
  • Sample rubric (see also the discussion schedule)
  • Example of an effective feedback meeting (with assignment)
  • Active instruction methods for writing assignments
  • Instruction methods for peer feedback
  • Tools and resources for writing skills that can be shared with students (see also the discussion forum)
  • Efficient feedback methods

Do you want access to The Write Space?

Send an email to writespace@ru.nl

The Write Space