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Language proficiency statements

What is my language proficiency level?

Do you need a statement of your language proficiency level for your job or studies? We are here to help! We can determine your proficiency by means of a test. We can test one or multiple skills, depending on your needs. Always check beforehand if a proficiency statement from our language centre is sufficient for your institution.

Which languages do we test?

Niveauverklaring EngelsEnglish

Niveauverklaring DuitsGerman

Niveauverklaring Frans French

Niveauverklaring SpaansSpanish

Which skills do we test?

4 skills language proficiency statement

How much does it cost?

Regular fee:
€ 295,-

€ 147,50


Would you like to have your language proficiency level determined by us? You can register here.

I would like to have my proficiency in another language tested

No problem! Please let us know which language and skills you would like to have tested and we will send you a no-obligation quote.